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Words to the Wise

In this issue of Words to the Wise, we'd like to spotlight a couple of statistical sources for researching AF (and DoD) manpower questions.  These sources can be useful in tracking diversity in the armed forces, growth in particular career field, retention questions, etc.


First, the May issue of Air Force Magazine, designated as the USAF Almanac, is a useful tool for seeing manpower trends over time.  See the most recent Facts and Figures section at


Also, I'd recommend checking the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC).  Parts of this system require an account creation, but are well worth the effort.  There are a number of Self Service Reports that can provide up-to-date info on manpower in a particular service or in the collective armed forces. 

For a list of the various subsets within DMDC, go to

From this screen, we'd recommend using the DMDC Data Request System (DMDCRS).

Lower down this page, you'll find DoD Personnel, Workforce Reports & Publications, which are freely available (no account required).


Surveys can be very useful in researching retention questions.  From our DMDC link, you will find a Surveys link on the left side of the screen.  From the Surveys page, you'll find the Defense Research, Surveys, and Statistics Center (RSSC), whose stated purpose is to provide "information from OUSD (P&R) sponsored surveys that assess attitudes and opinions on a wide range of personnel issues across the entire DoD community: Active Duty members, Reserve component members, civilian employees, veterans, family members, and retirees."

What is the MSFRIC Words to the Wise?

The MSFRIC Words is a bi-weekly email prepared by your librarians to highlight MSFRIC resources, share research tips, announce new Research Guides and other helpful tidbits that may be useful to everyone.  Please call us at 953-5042 if you have any questions about this edition of MSFRIC Words.

Archived MSFRIC Installment News

Archived issues of the MSFRIC Installment News are available upon request.  Ask us here.

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