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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility: Home

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Diversity and inclusion is directly correlated to healthier dynamics in various environments, better mental health, and increased retention from an employment perspective. In depth knowledge of differences, insight on present and past challenges, and data is essential in formulating a plan to cultivate and create cultures of change. This process entails research, dialogue, and awareness to invoke empathy, devise new policies and procedures, and to foster elimination of biases with cohesiveness and unity being the goal. Resources in this LibGuide are helpful in understanding the plight and reality of various marginalized groups. This research guide is not a comprehensive listing of sources, but is intended to be a starting point from which students can begin their research according to their specific needs.

Department of the Air Force diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) strategic plan 2023

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Department of the Air Force Diversity & Inclusion Resource List

There is no other country in the world so widely diverse, yet so deeply committed to being unified as the United States of America. The challenges we face today are far too serious, and the implications of failure far too great, for our Air Force to do less than fully and inclusively leverage our nation’s greatest strength—our remarkably diverse people. Across the force, diversity of background, experience, demographics, perspectives, thought and organization are essential to our ultimate success in an increasingly competitive and dynamic global environment. As Airpower advocates, we must be culturally competent and operationally relevant to effectively accomplish our various missions.

The following are among the many resources available for Air and Space professionals intending to learn about how diversity and inclusion supports the Air Force Mission. These resources can help provide leaders with social context as well as tools for facilitating an inclusive environment where Air and Space professionals can thrive. This list is not exclusive and no endorsement by the Air Force Diversity & Inclusion Office of any item listed is intended. For more information on diversity and inclusion in the Air Force, visit the Air Force Diversity & Inclusion Office website.

New Resources:

Department of the Air Force diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) strategic plan 2023

Grooming Standards Proposals

AF Diversity Commentaries

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