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Air University Research: AY20 RFT Air Power

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Air Power

Air Power Research Task Force (Airpower Vistas):

At the direction of VCAF Wilson, the APRTF was chartered to “examine the question of how emerging technologies, to include artificial intelligence and machine learning, can be leveraged to make combined all-domain command and control (CADC2) more agile, more adaptive, more efficient and more effective in the future.  The task force will explore concepts of operation that may lead to future doctrine, assess emerging enabling technologies and explore the resiliency issues associated with these concepts and technologies.”  A second prong of the APRTF was added to collect and analyze materials on the AF campaign against ISIS in Syria (2014-2019).

The following projects resulted: (* are those applicable to the AF Campaign vs. ISIS)

Maj. Michael LaSorda: Cognitive Warfare Strategy

Lt. Col. Michael Sward: Decision Advantage through Automated Sensor Management

Lt. Col. Gary Beckett: OIR—Deliberate Targeting*

Lt. Col. Eric Steele: Aerial Robotic Swarms and CADC2

Lt. Col. Mickey Jordan: Resilient Networks

Maj. Michael Moran: Acquisition Policy Impact on Interoperability

Maj. Robert Vincent: OIR—Innovating Informational Solutions During Superiority*

Maj. Trevor Gustafson: OIR—Tasking Multi-Role Aircraft*

Lt. Col. Brent Harms:  OIR—Data Function as Software Solutions*

Lt. Col. Troy Kirk: OIR—UAS Pursuit to Develop a Counter System

Maj. Stephen Kennedy: Data Interoperability of the Future

Lt. Col. Thomas Herster: Cyber Defense for Resilient C2

Maj. Aaron McMurray: Encrypted Data Sharing

These papers, and the overarching themes of human-machine cognitive systems, resilient networks and integrated all-domain efforts, were briefed to Brig. General Sloane of AWC, and Lt. General Hecker, the AU/CC.  As of July 2020, attempts were underway to secure a briefing with the VCSAF via VTC.  Additionally, three of the ISIS papers were accepted as chapters in the AU Press edited collection of campaign deep dives being edited by Dr. Jordan Hayworth.

For AY21:  the APRTF has been scaled down to an elective taught at AWC

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