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Space Frontier: A Contested Domain (24 September 2019)

 Lesson 1:  Understanding Domain Context

Peebles, Curtis. High Frontier: The U.S. Air Force and the Military Space Program. Air Force Fiftieth Anniversary Commemorative Edition. Washington, D.C.: Air Force History and Museums Program, 1997.

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The White House. President Trump is Unveiling an America First National Space Strategy. Washington D.C.: Office of the President, 23 March 2018. [Note: Not available outside of course]

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Lesson 2: Generating Domain Effects

Wagner, Maj John W. "Spacepower Theory: Lessons from the Masters.” Maxwell AFB AL:  Air Command and Staff College, 2005. 

Smith, M.V. “On Spacepower Theories.” Maxwell AFB, AL:  Air University, 2017. [Note: Not available outside of course]

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Joint Publication 3-14, Space Operations, 10 April 2018.  [Note: CAC required for access]

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Lesson 3: Achieving Domain Control

Air Command & Staff College. AU-18 Space Primer. Maxwell AFB, AL: Air University Press, September 2009.

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Stover, Capt Luke R., and Dr. Alan Johnson, “Space Separatism:  Degree of Differentiation.” Air & Space Power Journal 28, no 6 November-December 2014.


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