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Air University Research: AY21 RFT ACTS 2.0/Ideas and Weapons (AFRL)

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AY21 RTF ACTS 2.0/Ideas and Weapons (AFRL)

Air Corps Tactical School 2.0 Research Task Force

The Air Corps Tactical School 2.0 Research Task Force seeks a cadre of students who want to build the future.  The Air Force invests billions of dollars every year into research and development of new technologies.  From basic scientific research to advanced prototypes, most of this money is spent on hardware and software. The Air Force does the expensive work to develop products without spending the time to think about how those products will turn into capabilities that offer potential decisive military advantage.


The RTF is sponsored by the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) to examine emerging technologies in development today and the changes in organization, training, and employment required to turn capabilities into military advantages.  Students work with lab SMEs, academia, and service stakeholders to take advanced capabilities and make them relevant for the future. 


If you’ve seen press releases about new systems that promise to solve the warfighter’s needs and you think “sounds interesting, but how would it work?” this is the place for you.

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