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Reserve a Room or Equipment: Library Spaces

View library spaces and equipment and create reservations at Air University Library

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Click on any room picture below to see availability and to make a reservation, or see all available spaces here.

Air University Library is providing access via room reservations for current faculty, staff, and students. Need assistance? Our Reference Librarians are happy to assist you! Call (334)953-2888 for any questions related to room or equipment reservations.

Rooms are limited to 4 hour bookings per day. Please contact the Reference Desk if you have a longer event or special request at: 334-953-2888

Please refrain from using harsh chemicals, cleaners, and alcohol to sanitize sensitive electronic items such as VR headsets and touch screens. 

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Conference rooms and classrooms

Room 150 with Mini Hub

Located on the first floor of the Main Library across from the Auditorium, Room 150 provides seating and tables for 6 people.  It also includes a Mini Hub.


Wargaming Classroom - A 109

Located on the first floor Annex of the Library, room A109 provides seating and tables for 20 to 25.  It also includes large glass boards and a Mini Hub for collaboration.

Virtual reality equipment is available for use in this space with prior notice. Please contact library staff at 953-2888 to discuss use of virtual reality equipment.



Located on the second floor of the Library Annex, Room A223 provides tables and seating for 4 people.  It also includes a large television screen with variety of connections.



Microsoft Hub with WiFi access, podium, mobile whiteboard flip tables, mobile chairs.

Chiabotti Auditorium

Chiabotti Auditorium

Welcome to the Chiabotti Auditorium, a cutting-edge space for the AU/Maxwell-Gunter community! Immerse yourself in a dynamic setting that seats 80, featuring a large conference table at the center of the room. The auditorium boasts a 14ft screen, three additional screens, a smart podium, in-ceiling microphones, and in-wall speakers. Additionally, this space is equipped with wireless broadcasting connections, making it the perfect hub for innovation and collaboration.

Please note that the scheduling of the Chiabotti Auditorium is subject to the library's discretion, and priority may be given based on various considerations. 

To reserve this state-of-the-art venue for your use, click here. 

Private study areas

Study Rooms

Study Rooms

Multiple private study rooms are available to reserve for individuals or groups. Study rooms typically fit 4 people. 

Seating in public areas of the Library are first-come, first served. 

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