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January 2020

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Guide Description

     “Victory in future combat will depend less on individual capabilities and more on the integrated strengths of a connected network available for coalition leaders to employ . . . What I’m talking about is a fully networked force where each platform’s sensors and operators are connected.  The goal [is to combine to] produce multiple dilemmas for our adversaries in a way that will overwhelm them . . .  An even better outcome . . . is to refine [JADO] to the point where it produces so many dilemmas for our adversaries that they choose not to take us on in the first place.”    Source:  Air Force Chief of Staff Gen David Goldfein,  Remarks to the Air Force Association, 17 September 2019.

     "Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO): Comprised of air land, maritime, cyberspace, and space domains, plus the EMS.  Actions by the joint force in all domains that are integrated in planning and synchronized in execution, at speed and scale needed to gain advantage and accomplish the mission.

     Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2): The art and science of decision-making to rapidly translate decisions into action, leveraging capabilities across all domains and with mission partners to achieve operational and information advantage in both competition and conflict (Based on JADC2 Cross-Functional Charter/Terms of Reference)." Source:  USAF Role in Joint All-Domain Operations, AF Doctrine Note 1-20, 5 March 2020.     

This research guide is not a comprehensive listing of sources, but is intended to be a starting point from which students can begin their research according to their specific needs.

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