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FSA Pillars: Leadership

September 2021

Research Guides on Leadership

Ethics and Military Leadership

"Ethics, however, does not only consist in the professional moral code that binds us in battle.  It guides our everyday existence and gives us purpose and strength of character to make the right choices in every dimension of our personal and professional lives." (Gen. John Allen, foreword to Military Ethics: What Everyone Needs to Know).

Leadership Case Studies

Rather than focusing on the research topic, the case study method investigates specific instances by which the topic may be bounded. The case study approach also enables researchers to describe and illuminate a phenomenon found in complex social units with little previous investigation (Merriam, 2009).

Toxic Leadership

"The term toxic leader was first coined by Marcia Whicker in her book, Toxic Leader" - David M. Oberlander*.  The literature suggests the toxic leader may not mean an automatic firing or removal of the toxic leader.  Is it possible to thrive in this type of environment?  Are there ways we can adjust our own actions and responses so we do not contribute to the toxicity?

Transformational Leadership

Leading with integrity, fairness, clear goals, high expectations, and the ability to provide inspiration, recognition, support, encouragement, and motivation beyond self-interest.  Working together with subordinates to reach for the incredible.

Leadership Suggested Readings

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