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Innovation Lab: Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR/AR applications at Air University Library

Education and research applications for Virtual and Augmented Reality:


Medical applications

Virtual assistance

Information Integration

Immersion and Retention


Problem solving


Virtual classrooms

Distance learning

Serious gaming and simulations

Mechanical training

Flight simulators



Source: Maxwell AFB

Please see any Library staff member for tours, assistance, questions, or to checkout Innovation Lab equipment.

To reserve the AU Library Innovation Lab for groups or use outside of regular business hours, please call the AU Library at 334-953-2888.

VR/AR resources

The Innovation Lab at Air University Library has Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) hardware and applications available


Microsoft HoloLens



Windows Mixed Reality



Samsung Odyssey


MSI Gaming Laptops

ASUS Predator Gaming Laptops

Open Broadcaster Software


DoD Maker Communities








Visual Studio

CUDA capable GPUs

VR/AR subjects


Autism: The Party: A Virtual Experience of Autism

Autism: Autism TMI video

Autism: Autism Virtual Reality

Autism: The Autism Simulator

Autism: Max, An Autistic Journey $5.69 PCVR (Vive)

Autism: Play an Aspie Life free PCVR (Vive)

De-biasing: DebiasVR (evidence-based testing and inclusion behavior training)

De-Biasing - cultural: Becoming Homeless: A Human Experience - video research presentation

De-Biasing - cultural: I Am A Man Experience the African- American Civil Rights Movement

De-Biasing - cultural: Travelling while Black, trailer,

De-Biasing - LGBTQ: Out of Exile: Description

De-Biasing - cultural: Project Empathy

De-biasing - cultural: Pure Equality: VR Diversity and Inclusion Training

De-biasing - Homeless: Becoming Homeless: A Human Experience

De-biasing - refugees: UNVR Syrian refugee crisis

De-biasing: Vectre’s Perspectives, article   

Empathy: SIMA

Environmental: Coral Compus: Fighting Climate Change

Environmental: The Crystal Reef

Environmental: The Stanford Ocean Acidification Experiment

Elderly: We are Alfred - Embodied Labs (learning empathy for the elderly)

Elderly: A walk through dementia:

Elderly: Embodied Labs

Elderly: 3-Fold Games “Before I Forget”

Elderly: Dementia Free. Rift

Empathy: Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab - empathy programs

Empathy: After Life - “tragic death of a loved one - family struggles to mend their frayed bonds”

Empathy: How to create empathy in VR by Jeremy Bailenson

Empathy - Podcast: Voice of VR #695,

Empathy: Axon Policing and empathy, metal health

Palliative Care: Embodied Labs

Sexual Harassment: Regatta VR, article

Social Studies: The Enemy

Social Work: Social Workers Learn About Child Abuse Through A Child’s Eyes - article

Mental Health: New virtual reality training tech takes cops directly...the mentally distressed

Video: Why practicing empathy is important and how VR can help


360 Videos

Art: Reuben Margolin - Waves Available via VR app Quill Theater (free)

Conservation: “As it is“ the Grand Canyon

Cosmology: The day the Asteroid Struck

Documentary: The Sun Ladies - “The Sun Ladies VR takes the viewer on an intimate journey to the lives of a group of Yazidi women fighting ISIS in Iraq” Available via VR app Quill Theater (free) 

Documentary: The wings of Mosul Available via VR app Quill Theater (free)

Empathy: Homeless: A Los Angeles story Available via VR app Quill Theater (free)

Space/Climate: The overview effect Available via VR app Quill Theater (free)

Tourism: Cave paintings in Spain. Available via VR app Quill Theater (free)


Teaching synchronously online with VR

Social VR: Altspace VR - video, example (Vive, WMR, Rift, GO, Quest, Gear)

Social VR: Engage (Vive, Rift, Quest sideload) FAQs, e.g. class,  - Best program, best features

Social VR: High Fidelity (Vive, Rift, WMR, Gear)

Social VR: Mindshow or on Stream

Social VR: Oculus Rooms

Social VR: rumii is an online platform for educators nd businesses (20 users for free)

Social VR: Sansar is the creator beta version of Second Life for VR

Social VR: Somnium Space

Social VR: VirBELA (look at the video on the site)

Social VR: vTime (4 users pr space)

Social VR: VRChat (Vive, Rift) or download on Stream

Social VR: VREDDO classroom in VR video,


Videos about XR

Aircraft Maintenance: Using the Hololens

Sense of presence - What is virtual reality

Turning our minds inside out

Virtual reality takeover

Altering human behaviour

Peter Ruben explains the difference between VR and AR

A.I. Solve medical training (Oculus)

Patient simulation - Immersive Education (HTC Vive)

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Virtual objects superimposed on real-life environments

An Air University Library faculty member interacts with an augmented reality application using the Microsoft HoloLens. Augmented reality allows 3D objects and virtual images to overlay real-life objects and environments. The HoloLens maps the user's working area, identifying room dimensions and accounting for any nearby objects such as tables and chairs. The HoloLens also tracks the user's gaze, and recognizes voice and hand gestures as input and commands.

(AU Library photo)


Robert Arnold, the grandson of Air Force pioneer Gen. Henry “Hap” Arnold, looks on as an Air University Library faculty member demonstrates the augmented reality capabilities at the library. The plaque features a letter written by General Arnold in 1947 and a video of the General appears when used in conjunction with AR software. A user can tap any object on the screen to bring up more information on General Arnold. 

(U.S. Air Force photo by Cassandra Cornwell)

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Fully immersive virtual environments

An international officer performs low altitude maneuvers on a flight simulator in the Innovation Lab at AU Library. Virtual reality permits users to repeatedly work various scenarios without time constraints or the physical and financial costs associated with real-life operations. 

(U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Samuel Contreras)


A visitor samples a virtual reality program in the AU Library. Immersive virtual environments can be powerful, dynamic tools for education and training. Virtual reality permits highly visual, hands-on, and interactive experiences which can boost knowledge retention and engagement. Virtual classrooms allow distance learners share the same spaces and experiences as their resident peers. 

(U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Samuel Contreras)


AU Library's virtual reality classroom has the capacity to host over a dozen simultaneous VR sessions. Used for classwork, research, team-building, training, distance learning, or simply a morale day, the Library's collaboration spaces are available to anyone with a valid AU library account. To reserve this room or another library space, click here or call 953-2888.

More VR resources and applications

The following links come from:  “Explorations: XR for the Georgian College Library”, by Rob Theriault MET, BHSc., CCP(f), Immersive Technology Lead, Georgian College.

  1. Agriculture: Farming,
  2. Anatomy: Sharecare YOU (free)
  3. Anatomy: Organon  video, video, (probably the best on the market)
  4. Anatomy: BodyMap for Vive
  5. Anatomy: EducationXR
  6. Architecture: Revit + Enscape + Iris  (Costan Boiangiu from Architectural Technology)
  7. Architecture: EyeCAD
  8. Architecture: Origami
  9. Art: Tilt Brush
  10. Art: Gravity Sketch
  11. Art: Quill VR for artists and animators
  12. Astronomy: VR Spacewalk  by HTC Vive
  13. Astronomy: Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars
  14. Astronomy: HOME by BBC, space walk
  15. Astronomy: SpaceVR “Overview 1 uses eight 4K sensors to capture extremely immersive, high resolution 360° video from space”
  16. Bartending: Bartender VR Simulator video
  17. Biology: Nanome article, video,
  18. Business: STRIVR business training solutions
  19. Business: Portico for soft skills (pricing - out of our range)
  20. Business: Sexual harassment training Vantage Point VR
  21. Business: Virsabi solutions
  22. Business: Quytech
  23. Business: Interactive business simulations from Portico 
  24. Business: Talespin teaches soft skills in VR, article, article
  25. Business: Vectre Perspectives
  26. Business: The Glimpse Group
  27. Business: OvationVR public speaking ($250 USD/m [$3,000/yr] for unlimited accounts)
  28. Business: Virtual Speech
  29. Business: BODYSWAPS soft skills applications
  30. Career: CareerLabsVR lets you explore career paths
  31. Coffee Barista: Sentireal uses AR to train baristas
  32. Communications: In-Stage for practicing speeches in front of an audience
  33. Communications: 911 Operator
  34. Construction: Worksite VR Simulator by Immersive Technologies
  35. Correction Services: GTL VR for prisoner rehab and training. Article, video,video, article, article,
  36. Correction Services:
  37. Data Analytics: Virtualitics, Quest compatibility,
  38. Data Analytics: BadVR
  39. Data Analytics: versabi
  40. Data Analytics: Komorebi
  41. Data Analytics: 3data
  42. Data Analytics: Ulysses
  43. Design: Mindesk for CAD collaboration
  44. Design (Interior): VRTisan, video
  45. Driving: LogiTech G27 & HTC Vive Driver Sim
  46. Driving: VR Motion - video (contact Keith Maher: )
  47. Environmental: Ocean Acidification article article2 - Stanford University
  48. Environmental: ecoMUVE
  49. Environmental: This is Climate Change - article
  50. Environmental: Tree
  51. Environmental:  The Crystal Reef
  52. Environmental: The Stanford Ocean Acidification Experiment
  53. Environmental: Being Coral and climate change
  54. Environmental: Tree
  55. Firefighting:  FLAIM Trainer site, FLAIM Training (article) video, Haptics to simulate heat,
  56. Firefighting: Pixo VR  video,
  57. Firefighting: Mammoth XR, P.A.S.S. training,
  58. Firefighting: NEXTGEN Interactions
  59. General: Universive for Gear VR, Oculus and Vive - video
  60. Health & Safety: Elite VR
  61. Health & Safety: 3M, video,
  62. History: Hiroshima - article
  63. History: Lithodomos VR & AR
  64. Indigenous: Cut Off 360 degree video
  65. Indigenous: Never Alone - “an atmospheric puzzle platformer developed in collaboration with the Iñupiat, an Alaska Native people, drawn from a traditional story that has been shared across the generations.” Video
  66. Language: Mondly Languages
  67. Language: Witly - learn from native speakers from around the world
  68. Language: Immerse
  69. Language: Virtro
  70. Liberal Arts: Within 360 video collection
  71. Liberal Arts: Allumette (storytelling)
  72. Liberal Arts: Collose (storytelling)
  73. Liberal Arts: Public Speaking - Virtual Orator
  74. Liberal Arts: Public Speaking - Ovation, video $250 USD/month unlimited accounts
  75. Marine: Virtual Marine  study
  76. Marine: SQLearn
  77. Medical (physician training): BioFlight VR
  78. Medical: The Physiology of the Eye ($4.49)
  79. Medical: The Physiology of the Ear
  80. Medical: Ultrasound in OBS using VR and HTC Vive
  81. Medical: Ultrasound CAE Health Vimedix
  82. Medical: Stroke assessment using mixed reality
  83. Medical: Triage in a multi-casualty situation - World of Rescue
  84. Medical: ER VR by Immersive VR (the makers of Engage)
  85. Medical: Lifeliqe VR Museum (free) - have some anatomy applications
  86. Medical: ERVR by Immersive (for Gear VR only)
  87. Medical: Medical Realities is a surgical simulation app. Free or $15/month for full version
  88. Medical: XVR triage - this might be PC based
  89. Medical: Empathy platform
  90. Medical: Universive for Oculus & Gear VR video
  91. Medical: Imaging learned in VR by Luxonic, a Saskatchewan company
  92. Medical: Virtual Heart from Stanford Children’s - video, article
  93. Medical: HVR Medical Training Dental, birth, surgery
  94. Medical: EasyAnatomy
  95. Medical Patient Simulation: VRPatients (Ferno)
  96. Medical Patient Simulation: Dual Good Health ACLS (Rift, Vive, Oculus Go)
  97. Medical Patient Simulation: SimX Patient Sim - video Dr Tyler Andre
  98. Medical Patient Simulation: Oxford Medical Simulation (Oculus Rift) Dr Jack Pottle
  99. Medical Patient Simulation: Medic Rescue - triage from Live Motion Games
  100. Medical Patient Simulation: RCSI Medical Training (Oculus)
  101. Medical Patient Simulation: Real Response triage app (Vive), video,
  102. Medical Patient Simulation: Triage by Dr Brennen Mills, Edith Cowan University
  103. Medical Patient Simulation: PerSim
  104. Medical Patient Simulation: Virti
  105. Medical Patient Simulation: Wholearth
  106. Medical Patient Simulation: Health Scholars 7 ways…
  107. Medical Patient Simulation: Ractive (CPR)
  108. Medical Patient Simulation: World of Rescue
  109. Medical Patient Simulation: EmergeNYC
  110. Medical Patient Simulation: SkillsReal
  111. Medical Patient Simulation: Patient Communication Simulation 
  112. Medical Patient Simulation: UbiSim Nursing simulation for VR
  113. Medical Patient Simulation: Patient Communication Simulators Spark
  114. Medical Patient Simulation: Dynacormedia nursing skills
  115. Medical Patient Simulation: Reanimation
  116. Medical Patient Simulation: Exonicus Trauma Simulator - used by U.S. miltary
  117. Mental Health: Remind VR
  118. Mental health: Guided Meditation VR video
  119. Mental Health: Nature Treks
  120. Mental health: Mindfulness: WiseMind
  121. Mental Health: Relax VR (Oculus)
  122. Mental Health: VR Pottery
  123. Mental Health:  Axon VR - crisis intervention
  124. Mining: NORCAT
  125. Opticianry: Physiology of the Eye
  126. OTA-PTA: Neuro Rehab VR (therapy)
  127. Pharmacology: article, article, Kaegi Pharm Museum,
  128. Physics: Gadgeteer
  129. Police: Axon VR - crisis intervention
  130. Police: LEVRS 360 video (does not look like an interactive simulation)
  131. Police: V-Armed article/video, $1 million
  132. Police: VR Police Training (video), crime scene investigation
  133. Police: Tactical AR
  134. Police: Apex Officer crisis intervention
  135. Police: NSENA Virtual Training De escalation techniques
  136. Police: MobiC mobile training vehicle for police in Singapore
  137. Police: Crime scene investigation - article
  138. Police: Wrap around video virtual training - article & video
  139. Police: RCMP training, article/video, Active shooter scenario
  140. Police: Police Enforcement VR (Stream)
  141. Police: Milo Range (cave style simulation)
  142. Police: Fight training
  143. Robotics: VRobot allows you to learn how to build robots in VR (Vive, Rift)
  144. Science: Nanome (Vive, Rift)
  145. Social Studies: Becoming Homeless app article - Stanford University
  146. Social Studies: A 1,000 Cut Journey - article, article,
  147. Social Studies: The Enemy
  148. Social Studies: UTURN Gender equity
  149. Sports: StriVR
  150. STEM: Nanome
  151. STEM: VRlabacademy
  152. STEM: Immerse
  153. STEM: Hold The World (Rift, WMR)
  154. STEM: ScienceVR
  155. STEM: VictoryVR
  156. STEM: Breaking Boundaries
  157. STEM: Xennialdigital K-12 sciences
  158. STEM-chemistry: Hololab Champions (Vive, Rift) Video
  159. STEM-chemistry: HoloLABchampions video,
  160. STEM-chemistry: MEL Chemistry VR, Website
  161. STEM-chemistry: SuperChem VR, Video,
  162. STEM-chemistry: LabsterVR Lab simulation, VR introduction to the lab, TED
  163. STEM-chemistryy: SuperChem, Website
  164. STEM-chemistry: Chemistry Lab VR 
  165. STEM-chemistry: Chemistry for VR (Oculus)
  166. STEM-chemistry: VR Chemistry Lab
  167. STEM-chemistry: PNX
  168. STEM-physics: Physics games: Gadgeteer by Metanaut
  169. Subscriptions: SIMA Classroom
  170. Teacher Training: VRsatility, article
  171. Training General: Strivr
  172. Trades: Serious Labs Crane operation, fork list, article
  173. Trades: Forklift simulator
  174. Trades: Forklift simulation
  175. Trades: Mechanic “Wrenchvideo
  176. Trades: Mechanics Avatar Partners
  177. Trades: Drill Press training
  178. Trades: immerse
  179. Trades: Wrench Engine Building Demo (Rift/Vive)  Steam ($22.79) Oculus
  180. Trades: Electronics Short Circuit VR, Stream (free)
  181. Trades: Norcat Ontario Mine Rescue in VR
  182. Trades: PixoVR Video
  183. Training General: Job Simulator
  184. Travel & Tourism: Amazon Odyssey app
  185. Travel & Tourism: The Kremer Museum
  186. Travel & Tourism: Atlas Obscura
  187. Travel & Tourism: Oneiric Masterpieces Paris
  188. Travel & Tourism: VR Museum of Fine Arts - Steam
  189. Travel & Tourism: Acute Art VR Art Museum
  190. Travel & Tourism: Nefertari:Journey to Eternity - Video
  191. Travel & Tourism: Lithodomos Ancient sites
  192. Travel & Tourism: Palace Of Versailles
  193. Travel & Tourism: Wander (Oculus Rift, Quest or Go)
  194. Veterinary: Virginia TechVideo Dog VR Files, Cow VR Files
  195. Veterinary: Llama Zoo JetsonVR
  196. Veterinary: VictoryXR subscription - e.g. Pig Dissection
  197. Welding: Lincoln Electric


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