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Teleworking: VPN Instructions

Information to assist with teleworking

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VPN Instructions

VPN Instructions

Education Support Squadron advises that Air Force Information Technology is asking that users limit the need to VPN to only mission essential usage in order to ensure that there is enough connections for those that can only work through VPN. Some examples of ways to work with this limitation include:

  • Using OWA (internal link:, external link: ). Recommended first option if email is the primary requirement
  • Downloading required documents when on a hard line NIPR connection in the office prior to taking your laptop home
  • Downloading required documents while on the VPN and then logging off as quickly as possible to free up that connection
  • If not actively working, log off VPN to allow other users to access the AFNET VPN
  • Ensure government laptops have wireless functions enabled, wireless settings checked, and correct power cord before users depart their normal duty location
  • If you are able to complete non-FOUO or non-PII work on a regular commercial connection, please refrain from connecting to the VPN. 

There are now two primary ways for active duty AFNet users to access VPN: New EURAM VPN and legacy Threat Management Gateway

EURAM VPN (new): New EURAM VPN capability deployed to AFNet laptops and laptop-like devices on 11 Mar 20. Instructions below:

  1. Assure laptop is configured to support wireless connectivity
  2. Establish a functional internet connection (wireless or wired) outside the AFNet
  3. Double click on the USAF VPN Client icon on the desktop or by selecting BIG-IP Edge Client through the Start Menu
  4. Click ‘Connect’ button - the client will attempt to start a VPN connection
  5. The client will display a DoD monitored resource message. Click ‘Okay, Proceed to App’ green button to proceed
  6. Select the ‘Authentication Cert’ (PIV-Auth) certificate from more choices. Note: Some users who have not migrated may still have to select the 10-digit ‘ID Cert’
  7. After VPN session is established, VPN will minimize to the system tray
  8. To Disconnect, open the client and select ‘Disconnect’


Threat Management Gateway (TMG) (legacy): AFNet SSL VPN Client. Instructions Below:

  1. Assure laptop is configured to support wireless connectivity
  2. Establish a functional internet connection (wireless or wired) outside the AFNet
  3. Open ‘AFNet VPN Client’ or ‘AFNet SSL VPN Client’
  4. Click ‘Connect’ to establish VPN connection
  5. If migrated, utilize the ‘Authentication Cert’ (16-digit PIV-Auth certificate) from more choices, if not, continue to use 10-digit ‘ID Cert’ to gain access


1) EURAM VPN connectivity will be disconnected after 2 hrs of inactivity, or when the computer goes to sleep - whichever occurs first.
2) EURAM VPN client is not currently deployed to ANG.
3) Any concerns with client deployment or user access should be reported against Master Remedy Ticket #25594076--Most common error is inability to access networked shared drives.
4) For additional information see EURAM User Guide:
     EURAM VPN Client SDC Application Repository:
     USAF VPN Client Installation Instructions:

For additional information or questions, please contact your CFP.

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