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Teleworking Setup

This guide contains tips and relevant contact information to assist with the set up of teleworking for AU Library staff.

Weekly Tasks – Prevent Government Laptop Quarantine

(Information current as of 24 March 2020.  Updates will be posted in the event AFCYBER’s policies are modified to support COVID-19 protective measures.)

McAfee Updates

- Click the up arrow in the lower right corner of your screen > click the red McAfee icon > Click on Update Security

- Once again, click the red McAfee icon > click About > scroll down to the McAfee Agent section within this new window > verify Last security update check is less than 7 days

HBSS scans for McAfee signatures that are older than 7 days.  If the scans are older than 7 days, your workstation may be quarantined.


Windows Updates

- Click the Windows icon in the lower left corner > type Windows Update > Select Check for Updates

- If the last checked date is more than a few days, click Check for Updates.  This step can take a while depending on the size of any updates that need to be downloaded.  Just let it run until it gives a status.

This seems to only work while connected to USAF AFNET SSL VPN (Air Force logo).  If connected to USAF VPN Client (picture of the globe), it may not work.

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