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Teleworking: Office 365

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Office 365

Office 365

Office 365 is an an excellent web based suite of tools to use at this time. Accessible via commercial networks, this service is appropriate for non-FOUO, non-PII work and uses your assigned email address.  To log into your account visit  If you need your password reset, please contact the library's Office 365 POC below.

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Office 365 includes Outlook, Teams, Microsoft Office and much more. Teams is a chat-based collaboration workspace. It give teams instant access to everything they need in a dedicated hub for teamwork to include chat, content, meetings and other tools. For information and assistance on leveraging this tool, contact a member of the Electronic Services Team.

From A6: Air University faculty/staff members who may be experiencing logon issues with your AU Office 365 (.edu) account should reach out to your unit points of contact for assistance. Using the .edu  Office 365 Support Center, unit POCs can submit your account reset requests, account provisioning and de-provisioning requests and account modification requests (eg. update rank/grade, telephone, name change, etc.).

Other Office 365 documentation:

M365: Join a team meeting Work remotely using Microsoft Teams Unit POCs for M365

NOTE: The standalone Teams app may not communicate or reconcile with your web browser's M365 login. There have been cases where a user is logged with their account to Outlook, but unknowingly logged in with their .mil account in Teams. If it seems like Teams and Outlook are not sharing information, check to see that you are using the same login for both applications.

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