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Air University Research: AY21 RTF Russia Strategic Initiative

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Russia Strategic Initiative RTF AY21

Russia Strategic Initiative Research Task Force

The Russian Federation presents a dynamic and strategic threat to U.S. security interests globally. Hybrid warfare, prolonged information campaigns, and efforts to reshape the international political and security environment challenge U.S. policies, allies, and security goals. The Air Force, Department of Defense, and the Federal Government in general needs a new generation of informed and analytical Russian specialists. To meet this challenge Air University is establishing a Russian Research Task Force (RTF) to provide Airmen with an in- depth study of Russian history, political transitions, authoritarian regimes, and security concerns.

The newly formed Russian RTF at Air University will enable ACSC and AWC students to collaborate with expertise across the university on relevant and insightful research projects that contribute to a critical body of knowledge. RTF student and faculty research projects may be eligible for funding, publication, and distribution in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Russia Strategic Initiative (RSI). Participation in sponsored RSI events around the world may be possible through this RTF.

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