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Air University Research: AY21 RTF Deterrence (HAF/A10 and AF Global Strike Command)

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AY21 RTF Deterrence (HAF/A10 and AF Global Strike Command)

The Deterrence Research Task Force (DRTF)

will examine critical strategic deterrence problems that are of interest to the DRTF’s sponsors, HAF/A10 and Air Force Global Strike Command. Students will gain advanced knowledge of deterrence theory and related concepts such as assurance, compellence, and coercion, and how they have affected US strategy, policy, and operations throughout the course. The course has an implicit focus on nuclear deterrence, but other forms of deterrence, such as cyber, space, and conventional, will also be discussed. From a strong base of deterrence theory and research methods, students will develop their own particular research questions that fit under the broader themes provided by the DRTF’s sponsors and then rigorously analyze those questions in their research papers. Course deliverables and much class time will be designed to help guide students through the research and writing process. Results of the research will be briefed to the DRTF’s sponsors at the end of the academic year.


Students from all career fields and backgrounds are welcome to join the DRTF. The comprehensive nature of strategic deterrence means that diverse perspectives from throughout the US national security enterprise are welcome and needed. All course materials and discussions are unclassified, and international officers who are degree candidates also are welcome to join the DRTF.

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