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Air University Library: Innovation Lab Policy

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Innovation Lab Policies

Innovation Lab Policies:

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1. Authorized users
 1.1. AUL's Innovation Lab may be used by authorized patrons who have a completed AU Form 46 on file. (AULI 34-5, AFI 34-150 §
 1.2. Lab equipment and services are generally reserved for use by persons ages 18 and older.
 1.3. For developmental health and safety reasons, persons under 18 years of age may face use restrictions and require parent or guardian consent and supervision. Children under age 6 are prohibited from entering the Lab area.
2. Sign-in
 2.1. By signing in and/or entering the Lab, patrons agree to abide by AUL’s Lab policies.
 2.2. AUL’s Innovation Lab policies are posted in the Lab, online, and are available in print upon request.
3. Operating hours and reservations
 3.1. Walk-in hours: Monday and Wednesday, from 1100-1300.
 3.2. To reserve Lab space outside of walk-in hours, or to schedule special sessions, or for other inquiries, please call 334-953-2888, text 334-530-5829, or email us through our website:
  3.2.1. If known, let us know the number of persons expected, the amount of time you may need, and what equipment you’d like reserved.
 3.3. For 3D printing: To better accommodate lengthy and variable print times, please call or email to schedule an appointment.
 3.4. Virtual reality (VR) sessions are generally limited to a two hour duration, and the Lab will not begin new VR sessions 30 minutes before closing.
 3.5. Please inform Library staff if you cannot make your appointment or need to reschedule.
4. No food or drinks are permitted within the Innovation Lab. (AULI 16-1)
5. Use of Innovation Lab equipment, software, and services are free of charge to Library users.
6. Lab equipment available:
 6.1. Hardware
  • Oculus Rift + Touch system - 8
  • Oculus Go standalone headset - 2
  • Samsung Odyssey MR headset with controllers - 2
  • HTC Vive Pro VR system - 1
  • HTC Vive VR System Tracker - 1
  • Vuze Plus 3D 360 Spherical VR 4K Camera - 1
  • Samsung Gear 360 4K VR Camera - 2
  • MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer - 1
  • XBOX Kinect Sensor - 2
  • Glass Whiteboards - 2
  • Raspberry Pi 3, Model B - 1
  • Dell 70" Interactive Touch Monitor – 1
 6.2. Modeling software
  • [Include version number, if applicable]
 6.3. VR/AR software
  • [Include version number, if applicable]
 6.4. Other software
  • [Include version number, if applicable]
 6.5. If you prefer or require equipment or software not on these lists, let Library staff know and we will attempt to make it available.
 6.6. CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, and USB drives can be used with Lab computers.
 6.7. Innovation Lab computers are connected to commercial Internet and are not NIPR enabled.
7. Use restrictions
 7.1. Lab equipment is restricted to official government use.
 7.2. If this is your first time accessing the Innovation Lab, a brief equipment orientation is required before use.
 7.3. Do not move, modify, or unplug equipment.
 7.4. Library staff supervise Lab use and are always available for assistance.
 7.5. AUL reserves the right to prohibit or restrict Lab access based on inappropriate use. Inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to:
  7.5.1. Using Lab equipment for personal or commercial profit or financial gain.
  7.5.2. Any content or actions prohibited by local, state, federal, or copyright law.
  7.5.3. Use of classified material.
  7.5.4. Other unsafe, harmful, dangerous, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate use.
 7.6. The USAF may have rights of ownership to inventions made by Federal employees. For more about Federal intellectual property rights, see 15 U.S.C. §§ 3710-3710d and 35 U.S.C. §§ 200-212.
8. Equipment problems and technical difficulties
 8.1. Accidents happen! Please notify Library staff of any equipment errors, compatibility issues, or breakdowns.
 8.2. Patrons who cause equipment failures or damage, either intentionally or through gross negligence, are responsible for the repair or replacement of that equipment. See AULI 34-7 for reimbursement procedures for lost or damaged library materials.
9. Innovation Lab health and safety
 9.1. Use of some Lab equipment carries some risk. To protect against injury and discomfort:
  9.1.1. Ensure you are medically cleared for VR activities, especially for concerns regarding seizures, PTSD, pregnancy, anxiety, etc.
  9.1.2. Be aware of your physical space and stay within your area. Be aware of cables during VR activities. Use retention straps and bands as required.
  9.1.3. Disorientation advisory: Take time to acclimate to the VR perspective and take breaks if needed. After VR sessions conclude, take time to recover and reorient to your surroundings.
  9.1.4. 3D printer elements are very hot and can cause burns. Use caution and wear appropriate PPE. (Note: Library staff should be initiating and supervising print jobs to completion.)
 9.2. Alert staff to equipment malfunctions.
 9.3. Use provided sanitizing wipes to clean peripherals and headsets after use.
10. Internal and other policies:
 10.1. Schedule and conduct regular maintenance:
  10.1.1. Inspect computer fans/heatsinks for dust
  10.1.2. Check cables and peripheral touch points for wear
  10.1.3. Sanitize equipment after use (visors, handhelds, etc.)
  10.1.4. Ensure all furniture (chair, tables, shelves, etc.) is clean and in good repair.
  10.1.5. Apply software updates as needed
  10.1.6. Test equipment after hardware/software changes to proactively identify errors
 10.2. Maintain documentation for technical processes, including but not limited to:
  10.2.1. Creating files for printers
  10.2.2. Importing files for printers
  10.2.3. Library of 3D object repositories and resources
  10.2.4. Note supported file types and maximum file size
  10.2.5. Software documentation and processes
 10.3. All software in use at AUL, whether commercially produced or obtained as shareware, shall be properly and legally registered so that AUL remains in strict compliance with the copyright laws of the United States. (AULI 31-6)
  10.3.1. Unit Software License Manager (USLM) is the LTI Chief. Secondary is the LTIA Systems Librarian.
 10.4. Ensure adequate PPE, if required, is available for the 3D printing station.
 10.5. AUL will keep internal statistics relative to its operations including [Innovation Lab usage, etc.]… (AULI 34-3)

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